Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Women's Clothes

Fresco from 1st Century Pompeii

Women in 1st century Rome had a lot more freedom in their clothing then men did.  They could wear a variety of styles and colors (though darker and more vivid colors were limited to the upper class, simply because they were more expensive - you are safe with any faded pastel, brown, beige, white or grey).

A simple Roman women's outfit

Below you can find info on how to make several common roman women's dresses:

How to Make Roman Costumes for Women

Colors Available to Commoners and the Rich

More Info on Women's Dress (if you're interested)

A Pinterest page Full of Ancient Jewelry (not mine)
Just search the page for "Roman" - there's a lot

Some examples...

Two Ways to Wear a Peplos, one with a belt underneath,
one with a belt above.

A woman with a tunica, stola, and palla (wrapped around her).  

Detail on women's sleeve...one way they wore them.

Pictures courtesy of VRoma and Wikipedia Commons

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