Friday, April 3, 2015

Make a Foam or Cardboard Block Wall

Photo by Rebecca Johnson

If you are looking for a more stone cut/brick wall, you can make one using painted foam blocks (like above) or cardboard boxes. I've even seen a castle wall using pizza boxes here, and you can see a great method for making an arch with boxes or blocks here.

At our church we also created blocks like this using sandwhich bags for a "God Sightings" wall one year.  You can stuff one bag with paper, then slip that one into another sandwhich bag facing in the opposite direction to make the "brick.". These aren't very sturdy, but could be glued to a cardboard backing for more stability.

One cool feature of this type of wall (not reinforced) is that if you need to have someone break through a wall, you can (and then just put the pieces back for next time).

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