Monday, June 1, 2015


The following booths using carpet tubes and boards were designed by Rod Moyer at Calvary Baptist Church, Reading, PA. They are  inexpensive, since you can usually get carpet tubes for free from carpet shops/suppliers. 

Each booth was designed to be 10' long by 8' wide. It is higher in the back than the front, it will give the illusion of a peaked tent or roof.   The back columns are 7', the second set at 6'6,"the third at 6' and the opening columns at 5'5" tall. The four columns on each side were set into a lath frame, with screws inserted into both sides for stability. An 8' lath strip at the back holds the two sides in place.  You can see how the carpet tubes fit into the boards in the pictures above and below. 

To anchor the tops of each side, carpet tubes were split in half lengthwise and fastened that at the top of each column. Then the additional halved carpet tubes were he's notched out to use as trusses/crosspieces.

Below is a close up showing how the roofing fits together. Of course, the roofing is on longer tubes...I believe this was just an example/trial piece.

Below you can see it put together and draped with sheets.
(More decorative draping was added later). 

And here we see the tents with decorative draping.

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