Monday, April 4, 2016

About Affiliate Links

I include some affiliate links to and and on this site.  If someone buys something through these links I can earn a small commission on the sale. 

I include these links for two main reasons...
  • Using the affiliate programs allows me to include pictures I would otherwise not have permission to use.
  • While I did not create this site to earn money, I figure if I'm going to be linking to something on Amazon or Zazzle or Educuents anyways, I might as well link to it in a way in which I could earn some money. 
I actually don't have any relationship at all with Group publishing, other than my church having used their VBS programs.  I talk about them a lot so I thought I should make that clear.

If the specific post says that Amazon earnings are donated, then affiliate earnings from links from that post will be donated to a charity of my choosing.   If the post doesn't make any mention of charitable donation, assume earnings are not going to charity from affiliate links on that post.      NOT ALL LINKS TO COMMERCIAL SITES FROM THIS PAGE EARN MONEY FOR CHARITY (only Amazon links on posts which have a label noting charitable giving...Educents links do not earn money for charity because I don't have a way to distinguish them links on my other site).

Some of the articles on this site were previously hosted on Squido, where I donated all my earnings from my share of the ad revenue to charity through their charitable giving program.  Sadly, that site has been shut down, bought out by HubPages which doesn't have a similar program.  

*I haven't actually earned enough on any affiliate links on this blog to cash out and send anything to charity yet.  When I do, I will probably donate to my local church or to an organization fighting poverty or helping victims of human trafficking.

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