Saturday, August 16, 2014

My VBS Squidoo Pages Are Moving

Hi!  I have lots of articles on Squidoo about Biblical history, Holy Land VBS, and Bible times decorating and crafts...but Squidoo has now gone away, merged with HubPages.  My pages went there too but most of them won't stay there.   But, once my VBS and Biblical History related pages are transferred to wherever they will be going, you will be able to find links to where they have moved on this post!

Links to my VBS Squidoo Pages' new locations will be posted here as I find new homes for them.


Nazareth Exploration

How to Make Fake Rock Walls

Other pages temporarily on HubPages
Most of the VBS related pages on Hubpages are gradually going to be moved to this blog.

Note that Hubpages has restricted my linking ability and that some of the photos and other sources are not properly linked now because of this.  My appologies to anyone who allowed me to use your photos.  This will change when I get them moved over here.  Also, I am making no profit on Hubpages at the moment, but I will donate profits from Amazon links from this page as I did for the ones on will just come though me now and then be donated, and not be automatically donated like it was on Squidoo. 

Do these pages still earn money for charity?
All the pages moved here which were on Squidoo, if they contain Amazon links, the proceeds from commissions on those will still be donated to charity.  Other posts on this site created since the Squidoo move may not.  


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