Tuesday, December 30, 2014

VBS General Resources

Some great resources and websites I've found to help you with VBS.

Groups Forum
I've found the forums at Group to be an invaluable resource for problem solving and getting ideas.

Holy Land VBS Un-official Forum
An un-official place to discuss Holy Land Adventure VBS...full of great people with lots of wonderful advice.  This is the best place to find "alternative" crafts and supplies and such...things that aren't talked about as much now on the official forums.
VBS Connect
They recycle pre-owned, gently used VBS and childrens ministry materials by making them available to churches nationwide. A great resource if you want to find materials for an older VBS program.

VBS Tips
A blog with a wealth of VBS tips.
Bible Coloring Pages - New Testament
Here you will find a well organized list of New Testament Bible coloring pages.
Summer Photo Tips for VBS - Laura Swift Photography
Summer photo tips for VBS. Take your kids to VBS and grab a few fun story telling photos while you are there.

Free Fonts and Font Info

Alphabet Timeline
What was used where and when (I was surprised to learn there was a Samaritan alphabet, for instance)
Hebrew Fonts
These fonts have ancient Hebrew letters, and are free to use. The Nabatean Font (1st c.) would have been the type Jesus would have used and read from most often.
Greek Fonts
Various Greek Fonts, all free to use

Free Bible Graphics

Each site has different terms of use, and in some cases each graphic on the site does, so "free" is relative.  Some are in the public domain (completely free to use for anything--though maybe not in all countries), some are Creative Commons (free, but maybe not for adaption or commercial use, depending on license, and usually require credit given), and some have other rules of use.

Illustrated Bible History
A collection of free biblical history graphics.  Images may be used for personal, Church, or non-commercial use. Links should go to bible-history.com
Open Clip Art
Clip art released by their authors into the public domain.  You can find lots of great biblical images here, as well as other images.

Clip Art Etc.
A clip art archive free for educational or non-profit use.
Wikimedia Commmons
Collection of graphics (and sound and video files too), most of which are either in the public domain or under open licensing allowing them to be freely used.  Check the licenses on each image or file for specifics.

Photos and clip art released by their authors into the public domain.  You can find lots place images here (like pyramids in Egypt, the Jordan River, etc.)

MOST PHOTOS ON THIS SITE ARE NOT FREE TO USE, however, some are, and you can do an advanced search to find pictures available under creative commons.

If you know of another great VBS resource, please share it in a comment.

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