Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Biblical History Resources

Bible Lands
This is a wonderful source for learning about daily life in various ancient cities.
The Nazareth Village Website
Nazareth Villiage has been a great resource both for photographic inspiration and for the informative articles on their site.
Historical Timeline
This timeline is great for putting the events of the New Testament in context.
Biblediagrams.com - Bible Timelines
This site has very good color coded visual timelines of the 4 Gospels as well as a 2000 year timeline that puts the Gospels in context.
Gospel Harmony - 4 Gospel Timeline
This site attempts to put the individual stories in the four Gospels in chronological order. Though I'm not sure if I agree entirely with their ordering (for instance, they split Jesus' trip to Nazareth where he was rejected into two separate visits, where it seems to me like these were describing a single event) I found this a valuable resource.
Life of Jesus - First Century Context of Palestine (Israel)
An overview of political and daily life in first century Palestine.
Bible Resources - Local Governments
I found this a clear, concise description of the structure of government under the Romans in Jesus' time.
Bible Archetecture
I found the "housing" section of this site extremely helpful.
All Things In the Bible
You can preview a lot of the pages of this book online, including pages showing agricultural and carpentry tools.
Sabbath Meals - Ancient History
I found this answer to a question about the type of meal Jesus would have eaten extremely helpful. He not only laid out wonderfully the first century diet and eating habits, but related it to it's practical application in a 5th grade classroom.
Primitive Skills and Wilderness Crafts
Though this lens doesn't have anything specifically to do with 1st Century Palestine, some of the skills it describes (rope making, fire starting) were things that were part of daily life in all ancient cultures).
Inside First Century Home | That the World May Know
Summary of what it was like in a first century Jewish home.
Luv Shmuli
This fictional diary of a first century Galilean boy is a fun way to learn about daily life in this time period.
Ancient Jewish Coins
A reference listing of coins used by the Jewish people in ancient times - Calgary Coin.
Map of 1st Century Judea and Galilee
A good reference.
Bible Printables - Bible Life and Times Coloring Pages - Biblical Headdress - 6
This site contains not only coloring pages depicting Biblical stories, but many pages that help kids learn about daily life in Biblical times.

Cooking With the Bible
A good source of Biblical recipes.

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