Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A House In Nazareth

A house in Nazareth might have been one roomed or have several small rooms opening into a central courtyard. Stairs on the outside of the house led up to the roof, which was used as an outdoor room partly shaded by matting or something like a tent.

Inside, small windows (sometimes covered by lattice or shutters) made for dark rooms. Niches and wooden shelves were used for storage. Most houses had a cistern for water. There would be a wide bench made of mud brick or stone at one end with pillows and mats to sleep on or sit on. People also sat on the floor or on cushions. You might have a table, couch, or bed if you were rich.

Things you might find in a house in Nazareth:
Woven Blankets
Woven mats
Cushions/pillows (often decorated with embroidery)
Rough mortar and pestle (usually in courtyard)
Jars for oil, olives, water.
Cooking utensils.
Pottery for eating on
Oil lamps
A loom
Food like garlic, onions, dried beans, grain, squash, figs, watermelon, grapes
Herbs (possibly hung up to dry) like coriander, dill, chicory, hyssop, marjoram, mint, thyme.
Jewelry (beaded glass, gold, silver or bronze, hoop earrings )

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Picture of Nazareth Villiage shelf provided by See the Holy Land.

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Printable Galilee Version of This Post  - This is identical to the Nazareth version except that it also has info about houses of the wealthy, and refers to Galilee in stead of Nazareth.

If you are recreating a 1st century home, you might find this tutorial on making faux rock walls useful.

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