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Egypt VBS Resources

Online Communities

Holy Land VBS Official Facebook Page

Egypt VBS Un-Official Facebook Page

Groups Forum
I've found in the past the forums at Group can also be a great resource, though it is not as active as it used to be.   Actually, pretty dead inactive right now.

King Tut One Forum
If you have an Egyptian history question, here's one good place to ask--it's a forum all about Egyptian history. Warning, not a PG forum, so you might stumble upon a topic that's not suitable for smaller eyes.

Historum Forum
My favorite general history forum.  Again, not a pg forum, but you can get really good answers to your historical questions here.

VBS Printables

Egypt Guide
This is a printable guide I made for our  volunteers with info about ancient Egyptian culture with pictures for inspiration, etc.   It was my attempt to fit some of the massive amounts of info about Egypt I found into what I thought was might be relevant and useful to marketplace volunteers and decorators at VBS.  You can use any part of it, and even copy and alter it, but please keep all credit information about the pictures, which were used with permission with promise of credit being given.

Egyptian Names Printable
Having an Egyptian name is pretty essential for marketplace workers, soI made this one page printable to pass around and have people choose a name from.  For even more Egyptian names try these links:  Male Egyptian Names, Female Egyptian Names.

Pyramid Box Printable

Spinx Toy Printable

Egyptian History Resources

Aspects of Life in Ancient Egypt
If you want a brief overview...this is not the site for you.  If you want to go deep on any particular topic about Egypt, than this is the site you're looking for.  I found this especially helpful in finding extra information for alternative marketplace crafts, as there's a lot about various occupations, tools, etc. here.  This site also had a lot more about the common people and day to day life than some other sites, which focused more on the Pharoahs and ruling class.

Egyptian History for Kids
Fun general site with lots of good info about Egypt for kids.  Great for when kids get curious and want to learn more.

Free Fonts

Hieroglyphic Font
Free for personal use

Egyptian Fonts at DaFont
Various, including Hieroglyphic.

Readable ancient looking font that looks similar to what is used by Group.

Free Clip Art

Open Clip Art - Egypt
Clip art released into the public domain. You could also search under Egyptian, mummy, Joseph, etc.  Can be used commercially.

Clip Art Etc.
A clip art archive free for educational or non-profit use.  Search under Egyptian for lots of high resolution graphics.

Illustrated Bible History
You can find many sections on Egypt in the alphabetical list on the left side.  Free for personal, church, or other non-commercial use.

Pixabay - Egypt
Photography and art released into the public domain.  Can be used commercially.

Story of Joseph Illustrations
Illustrations of the Story of Joseph free for use under  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence.

Wikimedia Commons - Ancient Egypt
Most of the items on Wikimedia are under some sort of open licence like creative commons, or in the public domain.  You can also search under Egypt, Biblical Illustration, Ancient Egyptian Painting, etc. to find more.  Make sure to click "more details" to find out what licence the picture is under.

Phillip Martin Clip Art - Egypt
Comic book style art free for non-commercial use.  Also has Joseph clip art.

Egyptian Graphics Set (Ages Brown Silhouettes)
Free but requires registering at Teacher Pay Teachers.

Egyptian Colorful Hierogrphics Graphics
Free but requires registering at Teacher Pay Teachers.

100 Royalty Free Egyptian Graphics/Photos
Free but requires registering at Teacher Pay Teachers.

Egypt Posts on this Blog

Egypt Marketplace:  Brickmaking Tips

Egypt Decor
Egypt Decor - Marketplace Shops
Egypt Decor - Family Homes

Egyptian Resources for Homeschoolers

Misc. Resources   

My VBS Egypt Pinterest Board

Ancient Egyptian Craft Ideas
Great for alternative crafts. Also, if you go to the "Time Traveler Section" in the sidebar you can find a sort of "choose your own adventure" Egyptian story to share with your kids.

General VBS Resource List

Book Recommendations
This section includes a few Amazon affiliate links through which I can earn a small commission.  Any commission earned through this post will be donated to charity.  More info here.

You can usually find lots of great books on Egypt full of pictures for inspiration at your local library.  The following are my favorites for Egyptian craft ideas.

Make It Work:  Ancient Egypt
I love all the costume and craft ideas in this book.  My favorite decor item I think is a harp made from a bottle and balsa wood (a small item, but a very cool one for a music shop or in Pharaoh's palace.)  If you're looking for alternative crafts there's lots of ideas to explore here.  And they explain the history behind everything, too.

Warfare by Ducktape - Egypt
This book shows how to make 7 different Egyptian weapons using duct tape and other easy to find supplies, plus shows how to make various armor and costume items.  I downloaded this back when it was a freebie, and loved it.  I could see how it would be helpful in making costumes and props for VBS. (Available as printed book and printable PDF).

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